Welcome To NitroFloki

Surfing across multiple chains in the world of blockchain, Floki found a place of wonder. It now calls the place its home - Arbitrum.
Floki was so in love with this place that it even took the name NITRO FLOKI.

Join the diamond hand community, gather together and make Nitro Floki the no. 1 dogcoin on Arbitrum. This is the year of Nitro Floki.


Nitro Floki's NFT Launchpad

RAGNAR Features

NFT launchpad
Token generator
NFT generation using AI
Smart contracts
Rebase token generator

Revenue Distribution

40% - $NIFLOKI holders
30% - Buybacks
30% - Treasury Wallet


Fixed Supply

Fixed supply of 1,000,000,000.
No more tokens will can be ever minted

Ownership Renounced

No more changes in the contract.
As safu as it gets!

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity has been locked till 31 December 2023.
It will be extended with every milestones achieved.



    Social Media Accounts

  • Launch Twitter
    Launch Telegram
    Launch Reddit
    Launch v1.0 Website
    Launch Token


  • LP Allocation (Sushiswap)
    Lock Liquidity on DXSALE
    Renounce Ownership
    Get Whitelisted on SushiSwap
    Apply for CMC & CG


  • Telegram Sticker Pack.
    Establish a Great Community.


  • List on COINGECKO


  • Verify on ARBISCAN


    Partner with influencers to run marketing campaigns.


    Partner With Influencers To Run Marketing Campaigns.


    Roll Out A Utility of Nitro Floki.

  • PHASE 3


    • Launch Nitro Floki whitepaper.


    • Establish partnership with similar projects.

    • NFT's

    • Launch NFT Collection.
      Launch NFT staking.

    • AUDIT

    • Get an Audit Done For Token Contract and NFT Contract By A Top Auditing Firm.

    • DAO

    • Create A DAO And Let the Community Decide The Direction of The Project


    Total Supply

  • 1B $NIFLOKI Is Total Supply.
  • Liquidity

  • 100% Added To Liquidity On SushiSwap.
  • Tax

  • 4% Buy & Sell Tax.
  • Tax BreakDown

  • 2% Developer & Team

  • 2%Marketing & BuyBack
  • What Is NiFloki?

    Nitro Floki is one of the first memecoins on Arbitrum One Network.
    $NiFloki is the official token on Nitro Floki ecosystem. The token will be the governance token of the project and will have major utilities.

    Where Is NiFloki?

    $Nifloki is listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.
    You can buy here by clicking on the below button.

    How Do I Get NitroFloki?

  • You can simply bridge from ethereum using the Arbitrum’s own bridge;
  • Go to https://bridge.arbitrum.io and withdraw some Eth to Arbitrum.
  • If you want to bridge from any other network;
    Go to https://cbridge.celer.network and bridge Eth from any network to Arbitrum.
  • OR

  • You can also send Eth to your MetaMask wallet directly from a CEX like Binance or KuCoin.
  • After you have your funds on Arbitrum, go to SushiSwap.
  • Paste $Nifloki contract address: 0x1FAe2A29940015632f2a6CE006dFA7E3225515A7 and import $NIFLOKI token. Swap your ETH for $NIFLOKI.
  • Congrats, you are a holder now!